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Publications are an important part of our business and brand. We strive to bring content and important issues that matter to our readers. With decades of combined industry experience in publishing, our team creates stunning print and online magazines, supplements and special publications with quality editorials, photo spreads, and advertisements that engage and entertain.

Target your advertisement to our specific titles

and gain access to lifetime readers.


Global Heroes Positive World News. Global Heroes is North America’s premier news agency. We aim to connect our readers to uplifting stories rather than disheartening conflict. We highlight the inspirational efforts of everyday people, celebrities, and organizations, who are diligently working together towards practical solutions to global problems.

Global Heroes provides valuable insight into how communities around the world tackle urgent issues and create actions that lead to sustainable change. Solution stories engage, boost and invoke action. Our focus is on real people and their tireless efforts to change our world for the better. Allow us to introduce you to a few of our heroes… 

The founders of IVY House Media past creations include Horizon Travel Magazine, Horizon Travel America, Horizon Golf Guide and ON the GO Magazine, Global Heroes.

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