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L.E.D. Screen
Rentals and Sales

At IVY House Media we strive to WOW your guests. We know an event is more than just a gathering, it’s your chance to shine. We begin with your vision and then add a one-of-a-kind digital experience to elevate your brand, build client relationships, or celebrate a milestone.

LED displays are adaptable by nature and can be configured to serve a number of different functions in small, medium, and large setups. The screens provide high-resolution images and perfect video content visualization with a luminosity that is superior to other devices, even outdoors in full sunlight. No matter the application, indoor, outdoor or creative freeform, our talented technicians will deliver, set up and operate your rental LED display to ensure your event is unforgettable. 

Our giant LED screens are perfect for your event, including:

  • Music Concerts

  • Sporting Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Seminars

  • Conventions

  • Festivals

  • Street Fairs

  • Graduations

  • Private Parties / Events

  • Business Openings

  • And any event where you want to make an impact!

LED Screen Sales

Almost any business can benefit from purchasing a LED screen. LED billboards are an essential tool for large format advertising in high-traffic environments.

We offer all dimensions and pixel sizes depending on the location and viewing distance. All screens are weatherproof, made to withstand rain, snow and any weather.

We are full service company overlooking the entire project from design to installation and training.
For more info and quote please contact us at

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